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 Should you have an alarm system?

Home safety and security is a high concern for most people in South Africa.  The home security industry is booming in this time of economic uncertainty and rising crime. But what can an alarm system do for you?

Deter Potential Crime

Studies show that investing in a home security system is a proven way to keep burglars at bay.

In a 2010 study partially underwritten by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation, burglars spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a home. Therefore, anything that makes a house harder to access, including security systems, locks, bars on windows, acts as a deterrent.

Burglars lookout for "soft targets," so making your home more difficult to access is likely to deter a break-in.

Detect Smoke and Fire

Many security systems are also built to protect your home from a fire.

Having a home security system that doubles as a smoke detector is very important.

Control Your Home Remotely

Most home security systems can alert you - by sms or e-mail - when there's activity in your house that you want to know about.  Many systems also allow you to view live video feeds from your home online or on your phone.

Help Law Enforcement Respond to Emergencies

A home security system can actually assist children and seniors get medical attention in the event of an emergency.


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